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When is the end of PPO-Pasteurization coming?

“About 10 years ago the salmonella outbreak in Canada was traced back to raw
almonds. Over the following years, a few more outbreaks were caused by these nuts
grown in California. Infected produce came from different growers and no measures
taken after finding the source of the poisoning managed to solve the problem
effectively. The USDA (US Department of Agriculture), CDC (Centers for Disease
Control), California Almond Board, and FDA (Food and Drug Administration)
combined their forces and developed a piece of legislation enacted on the
1 st  September of 2007. According to this law, all California-grown almonds must be
Currently there are two main methods being used to pasteurize the almonds. One
uses steam to sanitize the nuts, while the other uses the chemical propylene oxide,
aka PPO, which is considered a possible carcinogen. Most conventional almond
growers pasteurize their almonds using PPO. The industry is aware that PPO has to
be discarded as a method. Consumer awareness is constantly rising – public
criticism of the PPO process is just a matter of time.
Today there are several manufacturers of nut pasteurization systems using steam.
One of them is Log5, a spinoff of the post-harvest technology group Royal Duyvis
Wiener. 2017 Log5 received the Industry Excellence Award in the category
‘Processing Innovation’ at Gulfood Manufacturing. The Clipper talked to Tom
Velthuis, International Sales Manager at ANUGA FoodTec about their innovative
processing technologies.”

In our system, Kocotek takes pride in knowing that our steam pasteurization equipment does not apply direct steam to the product and also avoids condensation. Because of this, our products are of the highest quality.

Read the full article from The Clipper below!


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Log5 in the News: Reducing Risk

“Log5 gave us

log reduction and its equipment holds
the characteristics of the sunflower. We

tested the equipment, ordered it and in-
stalled it in our Fargo, N.D. facility.”

Based in Grandin, N.D., CHS Sun-
flower opened its 35,000-square-foot

facility last summer in Fargo. It in-
cludes roasting equipment and the

Log5 pasteurization technology, which

was installed in October. Log5’s three-
step process with validated 5-log re-
duction is fully automated, provides

for gentle handling of the product and

requires no post-pasteurization dry-
ing. Pasteurization also allows for ex-
tended shelf life.

“The facility is all value-added pro-
cessing,” President and General Manag-
er Robert Deraas says. “We receive raw

seeds from growers in our Grandin and
Hazel, N.D., facilities where we clean,
size and manage inventory for quality

and traceability. Then based on cus-
tomer demand, we send a share of that

inventory to Fargo and it is oil roasted,
dry-roasted or pasteurized, so it goes
through the value-added process.”

Read more by clicking here!

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Log5 in the News: Innovative Pasteurization Systems

“With a heritage dating back
over 130 years, The Royal
Duyvis Wiener Group has
strived to deliver a wide range of cocoa
and chocolate processing innovations
during its history.
The business achieved a notable
milestone last year in opening a new
technology centre, which has enabled
extensive product research opportunities
for its customers.
Developing such advanced facilities at
its headquarters in the Netherlands has
pushed its operations to new heights,
with greater analysis of production
methods and recipes now possible.
As well as its main Dutch site, the
company also operates locations in
Aachen, Germany, in addition to a base
in Brazil catering to the South American
Underlining its continued development,
the company expanded further in
2012 when Log5 became part of the
business, specialising in developing and
manufacturing pasteurisation systems
for dry products including nuts, grains
and seeds.
As Tom Velthuis, international sales
manager, explained, the key technology
behind its systems has been created
to easily integrate with other processes
such as roasting within a single

Click here to read more!

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Visit us at Pack Expo – Las Vegas


Booth S-7101, September 25-27,

Win a 75″ flat screen TV!
(enter our Free Raffle at our booth)

Representing:  Hildebrand Industry –  McAutomations – MF Hamburg – New Era Machines – Oka – Royal Duyvis Wiener – Tanis Food Tec –  TWS Industries –  Wiese


27MF-Hamburg: specializes in enrobers, cooling tunnels, and tempering machines for bakery, confectionery, ice-cream, and nutrition bar industry. Systems are available in belt widths from 12 to 96 inches and for operating speeds up to 70 ft/min. MF Hamburg cooling tunnels are all stainless steel construction and provide for optimum cooling while there is easy access for cleaning and allergen changeover. We will have a StarCoat EZ Change 820 on display and Moses Farahani, Managing Director of MF hamburg will be there to answer any questions.





Tanis Food Tec specializes in aeration and systems engineering for innovative aerated products manufacturing. These systems range from ingredient weighing, mixing, cooking, cooling, tempering, crystallizing and aeration to depositing, extrusion, coating, finishing and decoration. All systems can be supplied with CIP systems. Mr. Piet Vader, International Sales Manager at TFT will be at our booth to answer any questions and discuss any product ideas.

Wiese CIP

Wiese elevators feature an innovative rubber chain system that make them cleaner, quieter, and much more reliable than conventional metal chain elevators. Capable of running in extremely harsh and dusty environments, WIESE’s systems are also vibration-free, abrasion-proof, and offer a variety of bucket options – including metal detectable polypropylene buckets. Along with standard models, WIESE offers a sanitary-design elevator complete with internal CIP system, making it ideal for food applications. We are pleased to announce that at this year’s show, Kocotek will have a WIESE sanitary-design elevator on display at our booth.


TSW Industries offers turnkey systems from chocolate molding through secondary packaging. Equipment includes the TSW chainless molding plant, gondola buffer system, advanced line of product-feeding solutions to create a smooth transition to our high speed flow wrappers. TSW offers a compact cartoning cell with integrated carton forming/erecting from blanks, top loading robot, and closing cell. TSW industries will display the TLCIII working cell and the HW599 flow wrapper.

[#Beginning of Shooting Data Section] Image Size:L (7360 x 4912), FX 2016/10/28 12:05:46.90 Time Zone and Date:UTC+1, DST:ON Lossless Compressed RAW (14-bit) Nikon D800 Lens:24-70mm f/2.8G Focal Length:45mm Focus Mode:Manual AF-Area Mode:Single VR: AF Fine Tune:OFF Aperture:f/13 Shutter Speed:1s Exposure Mode:Manual Exposure Comp.:+0.3EV Exposure Tuning: Metering:Center-Weighted ISO Sensitivity:ISO 100 Device: White Balance:Auto1, 0, 0 Color Space:Adobe RGB High ISO NR:ON (High) Long Exposure NR:OFF Active D-Lighting:High Image Authentication: Vignette Control:Normal Auto Distortion Control:ON Picture Control:[SD] STANDARD Base:[SD] STANDARD Quick Adjust:- Sharpening:7 Contrast:0 Brightness:0 Saturation:0 Hue:0 Filter Effects: Toning: Optimize Image: Color Mode: Tone Comp.: Hue Adjustment: Saturation: Sharpening: Latitude: Longitude: Altitude: Altitude Reference: Heading: UTC: Map Datum: [#End of Shooting Data Section][#Beginning of Shooting Data Section] Image Size:L (7360 x 4912), FX 2016/06/07 14:06:20.70 Time Zone and Date:UTC+1, DST:ON Lossless Compressed RAW (14-bit) Nikon D800 Lens:24-70mm f/2.8G Focal Length:48mm Focus Mode:Manual AF-Area Mode:Single VR: AF Fine Tune:OFF Aperture:f/9 Shutter Speed:2s Exposure Mode:Manual Exposure Comp.:0EV Exposure Tuning: Metering:Spot ISO Sensitivity:ISO 160 Device: White Balance:Auto1, 0, 0 Color Space:sRGB High ISO NR:ON (High) Long Exposure NR:ON Active D-Lighting:High Image Authentication: Vignette Control:Normal Auto Distortion Control:ON Picture Control:[SD] STANDARD Base:[SD] STANDARD Quick Adjust:- Sharpening:7 Contrast:0 Brightness:0 Saturation:0 Hue:0 Filter Effects: Toning: Optimize Image: Color Mode: Tone Comp.: Hue Adjustment: Saturation: Sharpening: Latitude: Longitude: Altitude: Altitude Reference: Heading: UTC: Map Datum: [#End of Shooting Data Section]


Royal Duyvis Wiener (RDW) offers complete processing systems from raw cocoa beans all the way to finished chocolate. On the primary processing side the inhouse made equipment portfolio includes bean cleaning, winnowing, alkalizing, roasting, liquor refining, cocoa pressing, cocoa powder-grinding, etc. RDW also offers complete traditional chocolate manufacturing systems from bulk ingredient handling and mixing to pre- and 5 roll refining with dry conching. The brand new pilot plant facility just opened in Amsterdam and includes pilot scale machines of all industrial size process equipment offered by the RDW group. You are welcome to visit and test the production of existing or new products.

MC Automations offers the new generation Omnia6 (600pieces/min) multi style wrapper. With wrapping style change overs in 60 minutes or less the Omnia6 wrapper offers the speed and flexibility you have been looking for! Suitable for bunch, single and double twist, envelope, fancy, Vienna and portfolio style wraps! Brand new is also the 2-stage MC4 tablet wrapper with speeds up to 200 bars per minute. The chocolate bars are first wrapped with aluminum with heat seal on three sides followed by an external wrap using paper or cardboard closed by hot-melt. MC Automations wrapping machines provide high efficiency, easy cleaning and fast changeover.

conche crop front

Jaf Inox: Equipment for the artisan bean-to-bar chocolate maker. JAF Inox offers complete ‘bean to bar’ artisanal chocolate processing equipment, including roasters, winnowers, small-scale 5 roll refining systems, conches (both single shaft horizontal and ‘longitudinal’), tempering & molding equipment as well as enrobers and cooling tunnels. The artisan JAF-Inox chocolate manufacturing systems can also be tested at the Royal Duyvis Wiener pilot plant. Capacities start as low as 20 lbs per day.



OKA – Forming equipment for the confectionery and baking and pet food industries. OKA’s core competence is design and manufacturing of equipment. This includes servo driven oscillating depositors, center depositors, bar extruders, wire cutters, rotary molders, injection and decorating machines, slitting and guillotining machines, and cookie cappers.

Executive – For gum and candy manufacturing we represent Executive, a leading world-wide supplier of machinery and complete processing lines for the production of confectionery items such as: hard boiled and filled candy, toffee and chewy candy as well as bubble-gum and chewing-gum. Of particular interest is the “All-in-one” & “Plug & Play” concepts allowing for easy and quick product changeover and line reconfiguration producing candy, gum and chewy products.

New Era Machines produces systems for the bakery and pet food industry and supplies complete manufacturing lines for cookies and crackers, including dough mixers, sheeters, rotary molders, laminators, sizers, convection ovens, and direct-fired ribbon burner ovens.

Hildebrand – Their proven washing technology ensure clean & spotless molds with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Hildebrand has become a dominant supplier of mold washing systems in North America. If you provide us with your mold specifications we will generate a detailed TCO overview including energy consumption, water use, operators etc, etc. Important to note is that these washing systems are very gentle on the molds, robust in construction, reliable and completely made of stainless steel. The systems also incorporate the highest sanitary design standards with full allergen clean-out capabilities and CIP systems.

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Log5 Cover Story in Kennedys Confection

Kennedys Confection’s cover story in their June 2017 magazine is all about Log5 of Royal Duyvis Wiener. In this interview with Tom Velthuis, you’ll get insights on the developing and manufacturing of pasteurization systems for dry products including nuts, grains and seeds.

You can download the article KC 2017 06 cover story

Log5 - Kennedy

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FCIA Elevate Chocolate Summer 2017


Bean-to-Bar at its Best!

Kocotek offers a complete range of bean-to-bar processing equipment from JAF Inox, a member of the Royal Duyvis Wiener Group.  This machinery is designed for smaller production facilities and engineered to meet the needs of artisan and craft chocolate makers.  We’re excited to announce that at this year’s show, we will have a small JAF Inox longitudinal conche on display at the Kocotek booth.  We invite you to stop by to take a look, as well as learn more about our equipment options and full bean-to-bar production lines!

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Interpack , May 4-10, Dusseldorf


Meet us at Interpack ’17 , May 4-10, in Dusseldorf, Germany. We are very excited to join our partners as they reveal the latest developments in chocolate, confectionery, bakery processing and packaging  technology.


  • Royal Duyvis Wiener – Hall 3 C28
  • Log5 – Hall 3C28
  • Hilldebrand Industry AG – Hall 2 E16
  • MC Automations Srl – Hall 4 C6
  • TSW Industries Srl – Hall 4 G26
  • Wiese Gmbh – Hall 1 E3
  • Executive – Hall 4 E6
  • MF- hamburg – Hall 1 F30
  • OKA – Hall 3 E2
  • New Era Machines Pvt Ltd – Hall 3 F29
  • Tanis Food Tec – Hall 3 D27
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Let’s talk Pasteurization and Validation!

Validation for our industrial pasteurizer in the USA.

pasteurization validation pasteurizer

See us at booth #14 during PTNPA2017 in Scottsdale AZ • Jan 14-16

We have recently received 5-log reduction validation for our industrial pasteurizer in the USA.  Our client is now producing superior pasteurized product, without any change in appearance, flavor, texture, and they are even reporting improved shelve life.

New: Integration of our pasteurization system in existing roasting operations yields a validated kill step that is independent of the roasting degree and therefore allows for optimum flavor, color and texture development for all types of nuts.  This allows you to leave the products virtually unchanged (but pasteurized) and/or roast to a specific color and flavor.  Even very lightly roasted products will comply with the highest food safety standards!

Log5 specializes in turnkey pasteurization systems that achieve a consistent 5-Log reduction in dry foods such as nuts, seeds, grains, spices, and herbs.  Our systems are continuous, non-chemical and have no negative impact on product quality.  Log5 is a member of the Royal Duyvis Wiener Group, which also specializes in nut roasting systems, nut spread & paste refining lines, as well as low fat protein powder production.

Innovative Pasteurization System Pasteurizer validation

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CHS sunflower seed pasteurization system in production!

Great success at CHS!

sunflower seed pasteurization systemIt is with great pleasure that we can announce today that the installation and validation of the Log5 sunflower seed pasteurization system is complete at CHS Sunflower in Fargo, ND.  The system has proven itself by achieving a consistent 5+ log reduction during the validation trials while maintaining excellent product quality that is consistent with the unpasteurized seed.  CHS Sunflower is not only very pleased with the product quality, but also with the ease of operation, durable construction, sanitary design, and overall efficiency of the system.  Thanks to the Log5 pasteurization system, CHS Sunflower is now able to supply high quality sunflower seeds that comply with the highest food safety standards

Log5 sunflower seed pasteurizer installed at CHS in Fargo, Nd, USA