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“Log5 gave us

log reduction and its equipment holds
the characteristics of the sunflower. We

tested the equipment, ordered it and in-
stalled it in our Fargo, N.D. facility.”

Based in Grandin, N.D., CHS Sun-
flower opened its 35,000-square-foot

facility last summer in Fargo. It in-
cludes roasting equipment and the

Log5 pasteurization technology, which

was installed in October. Log5’s three-
step process with validated 5-log re-
duction is fully automated, provides

for gentle handling of the product and

requires no post-pasteurization dry-
ing. Pasteurization also allows for ex-
tended shelf life.

“The facility is all value-added pro-
cessing,” President and General Manag-
er Robert Deraas says. “We receive raw

seeds from growers in our Grandin and
Hazel, N.D., facilities where we clean,
size and manage inventory for quality

and traceability. Then based on cus-
tomer demand, we send a share of that

inventory to Fargo and it is oil roasted,
dry-roasted or pasteurized, so it goes
through the value-added process.”

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