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“With a heritage dating back
over 130 years, The Royal
Duyvis Wiener Group has
strived to deliver a wide range of cocoa
and chocolate processing innovations
during its history.
The business achieved a notable
milestone last year in opening a new
technology centre, which has enabled
extensive product research opportunities
for its customers.
Developing such advanced facilities at
its headquarters in the Netherlands has
pushed its operations to new heights,
with greater analysis of production
methods and recipes now possible.
As well as its main Dutch site, the
company also operates locations in
Aachen, Germany, in addition to a base
in Brazil catering to the South American
Underlining its continued development,
the company expanded further in
2012 when Log5 became part of the
business, specialising in developing and
manufacturing pasteurisation systems
for dry products including nuts, grains
and seeds.
As Tom Velthuis, international sales
manager, explained, the key technology
behind its systems has been created
to easily integrate with other processes
such as roasting within a single

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