Bubble and Chewing Gum


Processing flow:

  • Double-Z Mixer
  • Extrusion and Cooling Lines
  • Delta Extrusion and Forming Line
  • Rolling and Scoring Line (under development)


Sigma-Mixers are designed to process and mix chewing/bubble gum as wells as very viscous products. The mixer is very sturdy and all parts are made with stainless steel.

Extrusion and cooling
Executive’s extrusion and cooling lines carry out the “cut & wrap” process of gum production (the extrusion system can also process many other chewable products). There is an extensive amount of product profiles and ropes that can be obtained depending on the die-head/nozzle of the extruder (die-heads are easily replaceable). The extrusion system functions at its best using “Co-Extrusion” (rope with 2 colors or more). It is a versatile and flexible machine that is able to extrude many different masses, colors, and flavors.

The multi-tiers tunnel (available in several models/configurations) provides an even cooling to the rope/ropes being extruded in order to provide perfect feeding into the cut & wrap machines.  The cooling equipment foresees the control of temperature and humidity with a dedicated motorization for each belt and automatic adjustment of the line’s speed.

Forming lines
Executive’s DELTA line boasts the most innovative and technically advanced features on the market and ensures a continuous/consistent gum forming process.

Main features:

  • Linear rope speed up to 130 m/min (even with sugar free gum)
  • Can produce a wide variety of shapes and piece-weight (even if product = 1.6 g)
  • High filling percentage for both liquid and powdered centers
  • Extremely strong sealing on the sides of gum pieces
  • Consistent control of the piece weight and filling rates

Why DELTA line?

  • Superb flexibility using a “plug & play” concept
  • High performance in terms of speed, efficiency, maintenance requirements, and accuracy
  • Hygienic design – stainless steel
  • Constant automatic adjustment of line speed and processing
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance
  • Easy and less change over between products and product mass
  • Extensive data storage and buffering for product recipes, target values, etc.
  • Rolling and Scoring Lines