Toffee and Chewing Candy

chewy candy

Processing flow:

  • Dosing, Weighing, and Mixing of Raw Materials / Dissolving and Pre-Cooking
  • Continuous Batch-Wise Cooking with or without Vacuum
  • Cooling and Pulling
  • Pre-Forming / Extrusion and Cooling
  • Forming

Dosing, weighing, and mixing of raw materials/dissolving and pre-cooking

Executive’s automatic and dissolving system represents a flexible and economical solution suitable to comply with a wide range of production and installation needs. It is known for its modular structure which can be utilized in several models depending on how its application. With outputs ranging from 1000 to 3600 Kg/hour (possible to extend). The system can integrate into current processing lines or it can connect to our cooking plant (both batch and continuous) for hard boiled candies (with or without center filling), deposited candies, toffees, chew and any other type of confectionery items. Both the weighing system and the complete plant are completely automatic and are controlled with a PLC interface on a touch screen control panel. The automatic weighing and dissolving group feature a double process configuration. On the left side, there is a heated weighing tank for processing sugar-free solution, and on the right side, there is a processing system for standard solution.

Continuous batch-wise cooking with or without vacuum

Cookers for low boiling/em

Executive’s complete system for the production of toffee and chewy candy features:

  • Automatic weighing & dissolving group
  • Cooker with double-jacket structure
  • Dedicated unit for the preparation of milk-solution
  • Dedicated unit for citric acid and powdered components
  • Cooling drum
  • Continuous pulling machine
  • Stabilizing belt that feeds the down-stream processing line (batch roller and/or extruder)

Depending on the finished product, other configurations are available and can be considered for customized purposes.

Cooling and pulling

Executive’s batch-wise cooking system typically connects to a cooling and pulling system in order to get a continuous production line. After cooking (with or without vacuum), the toffee/chewy candy batch is collected into the hopper of the cooling drum, and then is automatically transferred (in a film form) onto the cooling surface of the drum. At the end of the cooling drum, the rope is automatically conveyed on a belt moving towards the pulling stage. The discharging system automatically transfers the pulled mass onto a tempering belt which evenly stabilizes and crystalizes the mass.

  • The continuous cooling drum can process any kind of caramel, chewable and toffee mass

Pre-forming/extrusion and cooling

Executive’s pre-forming lines are able to be connected to cut  and wrap machines for toffee and chewy candy. Two different processing methods can be selected depending on the type of recipe and intended finished product:

  1. Batch roller and rope sizing (typically connects to short stabilizing belt, if needed) is particularly used for producing toffee and milk-based soft products.
  2. Extruder/co-extruder and cooling tunnel is particularly used for producing chewy candy and any gelatin-based soft products.

Forming line

Executive’s specially developed configuration of the ALFA FORMING LINE will enable the end-user to produce perfectly formed and filled chewy/soft candies. Depending on the recipe and overall texture of the finished product, it is possible to use a batch roller or for forming extruder. executive