Sugar Confectionery Production

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Our partners over at Executive Candy have over 30 years of experience in the sugar confectionery field. The company is a leading world-wide supplier of machinery and complete processing lines for the production of confectionery items such as:

  • hard boiled and filled candy
  • toffee and chewy candy
  • bubble-gum and chewing-gum

Executive has a wide and specialized range of forming lines that may also include pre-extruders, extruders, and many other applicable center filling capabilities.

Executive’s Forming Lines:

  • DELTA LINE(extrusion & forming) (center filled gum & chewy candies)
  • ALFA LINE (featuring the rotary forming system)
  • FLEXI-FORM LINE (featuring the most advanced rotary forming system)
  • JUMBO LINE (featuring the chain forming system)

Executive’s machinery program consists of:

  • Raw materials handling
  • Batch-wise and continuous cooking
  • Tempering & flavoring
  • Cooling drum and continuous pulling machine (patented)
  • Continuous cooling tunnels for pellets
  • Pre-forming lines & accessoriesSugar Confectionery Production