Advanced Seed Pasteurization Solutions

seed pasteurization

As seeds are widely used in for instance the bakery and confectionery industries, it is highly recommended to pasteurize seeds prior to consumption, reducing the risk of foodborne illness.  To render seeds safe for consumption seeds should be treated with a 4 or 5Log reduction.

To help retain those important qualities such as taste, color, texture and nutrition, Log 5 developed turnkey dry food pasteurization solutions that are compliance with the highest food safety standards.

Log5 supplies turnkey solutions to pasteurize seeds in compliance with USDA’s regulations for the seed pasteurization process.  Our technology is so gentle that it will maintain important qualities in seeds such as flavor, nutrition and appearance while ensuring it safe for consumption.

Challenges for pasteurization of seeds

The pasteurization of seeds needs to meet specific requirements.  Due to the often small size and fragile nature of the product, hardening and discoloration occurs easily when the heating process is too aggressive or if there is direct steam-product contact.  To preserve the original quality of the product our gentle yet effective pasteurization technique is required.

Log 5 AwCP for seeds

With our pasteurization solution you will obtain the perfect combination of the highest Log reduction (5Log) and product quality.  We generate the optimal balance between product quality, production needs and food safety.

Log 5 AwCP air treatment controls the most relevant factors:

  • Temperature
  • Moisture content of pasteurizing air
  • Moisture content of preheating air
  • Air flow

The AwCP pasteurization system

The Log 5 AwCP pasteurization system creates the right balance and optimal conditions to ensure the highest Log reductions.  Food safety is ensured while retaining the product qualities of the seeds.  For specific information in regards to products and solutions please contact our team.  The AwCP pasteurization system can be used for different types of seeds such as:

  • Sunflower seeds (in/out of shell)
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Poppy seeds
  • Sesame seeds
  • Pine nuts