Advanced Grain Pasteurization Solutions

As grain is a major ingredient in many food products, food safety becomes an issue for manufacturers to consider.  Products in which they are processed do not always have the right conditions for enough Log reduction to render pathogens such as Salmonella inactive.  It is therefore highly recommended to pasteurize grain before feeding it into your production line to avoid contamination and product recalls.

As food is primarily about flavor and nutrition, pasteurization should be in compliance with these factors.  To retain the flavor and other organoleptic properties of grain it is essential for treatment to be carried out very gentle yet effective.  To prevent excessive moisture from spoiling the grain, direct steam/product contact needs to be prevented and condensation needs to be avoided.  Our system controls the water activity on the surface of the product while sufficient heat transfer is realized to render the harmful pathogens inactive.

Several outbreaks of Salmonella have been reported in recent years.  For example, in 2008-2009 people were hospitalized after consumption of contaminated flour.  The significance of pasteurization became clear after Dutch researchers found that 0,75% of all the loads of grain tested positive for salmonella.

Log 5 is able to provide turnkey solutions to pasteurize grain.  Helping you to keep the right balance between important qualities in grain products such as texture, flavor, nutrition and safety for the consumer.

Challenges for pasteurization of grain

The pasteurization of dry materials such as grains requires specific and unique applications.  Due to the small size of the product and soft texture, hardening and discoloration occur easily.  To prevent loss of product quality a new pasteurization techniques is required.

Log5 AwCP for grains

Our pasteurization solution achieves the perfect mix of the highest reduction (5Log) while maintaining the original product quality.  We achieve the optimal balance between product quality, production needs and food safety.

Using the AwCP technology, Log 5 is able to provide the latest solution for the pasteurization process of grain.   Helping you to keep the quality of your grain wholesome while making your products safe for consumption.

Log 5 AwCP air treatment controls the most relevant factors:

  • Temperature
  • Moisture content of pasteurizing air
  • Moisture content of preheating air
  • Air flow

The AwCP pasteurization system

The Log5 AwCP pasteurization system creates the right balance and optimal conditions to ensure even the highest Log reduction (5Log).  Food safety is ensured while retaining the product qualities of your grains.  For specific information in regards to products and solutions please contact our team.  The AwCP pasteurization system can be used for different types of grain such as:

  • Wheat
  • Barley
  • Millet
  • Buckwheat
  • Oats
  • Rice
  • Sorghum
  • Rye

As a member of the Royal Duyvis Wiener Group, we are also able to provide all the equipment needed to process tree nuts, peanuts, cocoa and chocolate systems.  We supply turnkey pasteurization systems  as well as custom made solutions that can be integrated into an existing production line.