Development and manufacturing of chocolate molds

The objective of our company is the complete satisfaction of our customers: this is why for the creation of each single mold our team carefully analyzes customer information and requirements implement them with their chocolate molds experience to ensure a perfect final product.

As we know, a chocolate product also must be functional, not only exclusively pleasant. For this reason, we try to create a perfect joint between design and efficiency in all the molds we create, starting from the first stages of realization, in order to obtain a perfect result.

From the starting drawing to the realization of the matrix, the complete production process of our molds for chocolate takes place entirely at our factory.

Production process of our molds for chocolate:

  1. Drawing of the molds cavity:

To make the drawing of the mold we employ experienced designers that have up to date skill in both design and software. In the first step of the project, our capable staff will transform the ideas of the customer into reality while studying the potential issues with the product to ensure a final satisfactory mold to produce the product.

  1. Prototyping of the mold:

After the design has been approved the prototyping process can be started. This prototyping can be done very efficiently. It can be accomplished by utilizing the same technology we use for production molds, allowing the customer to evaluate the actual final product.

  1. Creation of the matrix

After the approval of the design prototype, we concentrate on the development of the final mold matrix. Using the most up to date CNC technology and software, and following instructions of the molding line manufacturer, our technicians build the final matrix of the mold.