Triple Lehmann Stone Mill

The triple Lehmann stone mill, Type CME liquor stone mill, is designed to pre-grind cocoa mass as well as nibs, into ready to press product ideal for short press cycles. The slow-turning ceramic grinding stones ensure gentle handling.

The top grind stones of the triple Lehmann stone mill, Type CME liquor stone mill, can be custom fitted with the pre-grinding stones from the single Lehmann stone mill, Type CMG, for grinding cocoa nibs as well as cocoa mass. This type of triple Lehmann stone mill is known as the Type CMB liquor stone mill.

Single Lehmann Stone Mill

The single Lehmann Type CMG liquor stone mill can grind raw pre-dried nibs, roasted nibs as well as alkalized nibs into a uniform and smoothly flowing cocoa mass.

Both Lehmann stone mills are suitable alternatives to various sizes of ball mils.


  • ceramic grinding disks
  • gentle pre-milling
  • end product very suitable for pressing
  • high output rate of cocoa butter


  • The slow turning ceramic grinding discs ensure very gentle product handling.
  • Triple disk Lehmann stone mill refines far below 20 micron (d90).