Food Safety is Essential


The Lehmann Sterilizer type KS generates the best germ reduction providing consistent total plate counts below 500 cfu per gram.  Important also is that the prevention of moisture absorption ensures that all flavor components remain within the beans.

The hot cocoa beans are transferred from the roaster directly to the cocoa bean sterilizer; making the sterilization process more energy efficient, and significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination.

During the sterilization process the cocoa beans also ‘puff up’.  This means that the shells are also easy to remove from the nib, aiding the process of breaking and winnowing and generally improving yield numbers.  Compared to other systems, sterilizing hot beans saves a significant amount of energy and retains the original flavor profile of the bean.

Main benefits:

  • Bacteria counts, below 500 cfu per gram
  • No risk of re-contamination of clean nibs
  • Improved release of the shell from the nib
  • Dry beans for perfect breaking and winnowing
  • Germ reduction without moisture absorption
  • Energy efficient
  • No negative impact on flavorLehmann