These Presses are THE BEST!

For over 100 years, Duyvis has been modifying, maintaining and overhauling cocoa butter presses manufactured by others.  Some 40 years ago, Duyvis developed their own cocoa butter press. The Duyvis cocoa butter presses have been proven to be the very best, capable of continuous operation with a very high capacity and an excellent output quality.  The Duyvis cocoa butter presses are the most efficient with the lowest operating costs by far and are THE world-wide standard in the cocoa industry.


  • high quality materials – special heat treated steel that is highly resistant to wear and distortion
  • cocoa butter presses overhauled by Duyvis almost always have increased capacity of 20-25%
  • highly developed automated process controls
  • minimal maintenance
  • very low process cost per kilogram of cocoa liquor
  • excellent output quality

Capacity range:

  • 250 – 4,925 Kilograms per hour
  • residual fat content as low as 8% can be achieved
  • sizes: 2, 6, 12, 14, 16 or 18 Pot Cocoa Butter Press


  • residual fat content as low as 8% can be achieved
  • minimal maintenance
  • easily cleaned smooth surfaces
  • all parts standardized – Pots and counterpots are interchangeable
  • excellent after sales service including tech support and quick delivery of spare parts
  • equipped with all necessary safety devices, making damage due to operator error almost impossibleduyvis wiener