For Most Effective Nib Roasting and Alkalization


The Lehmann pre-roaster from the Royal Duyvis Wiener group is uniquely suited to pre-treat whole cocoa beans so that optimum yields are achieved during the winnowing process.   Due to the unique ‘counter flow’ principle the beans are very gently and evenly heated.  This unique gentle process causes moisture to evaporate from the inside of the bean resulting in a ‘popped’ shell that is loose from the nib inside.  This allows the breakers on the winnower to run at slow speeds because the loose shell is very easy to remove from the still ‘rubbery’ nib.  In turn this leads to excellent nib-in-shell and shell-in-nib figures.

Some of the main advantages of the Lehmann ‘Shell-Pop’ system:

  • Energy efficient
  • Adjustable to any bean origin and moisture content
  • Low maintenance, few moving parts
  • Fire safe indirect heat source (no open flames & no combustion air in contact with the product)
  • Choice of heat source, either steam, gas or oil
  • Fully automated