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Cocoa grinding line

A typical grinding line is divided into three stages:

  • pre-grinding
  • intermediate grinding
  • fine grinding


The Nibrotom 3500 has been designed especially for the pre-grinding of cocoa nibs, nuts, almonds and other seeds with a high fat (oil) content.  This grinder combines superior results and an optimal particle size distribution with a relatively low wet sieve residue.  This in turn ensures the best possible performance of all downstream refining equipment, notably ball mills.


  • automatically fed by screw conveyer
  • beater blade design with 4 specially hardened steel knives
  • slotted gap sieve


  • knives can be easily changed without the need for re-adjustment
  • long life of knives
  • knife rotation reverses automatically for even wear


  • 3,500 Kilograms per hour

Intermediate and Fine Grinding

Both intermediate and fine grinding are accomplished using different versions of the W-90 ball mill.

The intermediate Stage mainly determines the capacity of the fine grinding stage. The better the grinding in the intermediate stage the higher the capacity in the fine grinding stage.  In the fine grinding stage, the cocoa liquor is refined down to the required end fineness.


  • Refining action is accomplished by a unique shaft with agitator arms and diverters rotating in a vertical, jacketed grinding tank filled with specially hardened steel balls
  • Robust 90 kW electric motor


  • Stainless steel chamber and water jacket is designed for optimal cooling and heating
  • Ball speed at the tips of the grinding arms is highest but almost zero at the periphery of the chamber, which greatly reduces the rubbing effect between ball charge and the chamber wall for a low wear rate


  • Capacity depends on in-going and end fineness, moisture and shell content and the type of liquor processed (alkalized or non-alkalized)duyvis