Cocoa Liquor/Cocoa Butter Block Off

The Duyvis tempering and filling machine is made specifically for the blocking off of cocoa butter and cocoa liquor. The machine can also handle most other fats and oils.

The tempering is based on the counter-flow principal. The cooler consists of one to four cooling reactors with internal rotating scrapers. An adjustable pump moves the product through the cooling reactor. The scrapers thoroughly mix the mass with the crystallized product from the chilled cooling reactor surface.

The boxes are automatically filled to the exact weight. After approximately 5 to 20 minutes (for cocoa butter and cocoa liquor respectively), the product in the box is fully solidified and can be closed, transported and palletized.

During the short time it takes to transport the full box and replace it with a new empty box, the filling valve is closed and the product temporarily flows into a small buffer tank. This buffer empties itself when the filling is started again, thus saving filling time and energy.


  • PLC control
  • two stage dosage for maximum precision
  • sophisticated design with all details complying with GMP standards


  • high capacity
  • excellent process control
  • reliable and Maintenance free
  • maximum flexibility

Capacity range

  • 500 – 2,000 Kilograms per hour