Most Efficient Removal of Foreign Material

The Lehmann cocoa bean cleaning system from the Royal Duyvis Wiener group is suitable for cocoa beans, hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, coffee and various other products.  The system is complete with a double vibrating screen to separate over- and under-sized product and also includes an aspirator to remove dust and other light material such as strings and leaves.

The cocoa beans are then moved through a destoner to remove stones that are similar in size to the beans or nuts.  Other foreign materials such as wood, paper, strings and sand will also be removed.  The Lehmann CR Cocoa Bean Destoner can be fitted with an optional magnetic separator or metal detector for the removal of metal parts that might have found their way into the product.

The removal of foreign material

Reliable and highly efficient cleaning machines sort any foreign material from cocoa beans.  Our cleaning and sorting machines are suitable for the removal of foreign material such as wood, paper, sand and stones from not only cocoa beans but also hazelnuts and almonds.  The highly efficient destoner removes small stones that are comparable in size to a cocoa bean.

The Lehmann cleaning machines in conjunction with the destoner are designed to be incorporated into a continuous production process and are installed prior to the winnowing or roasting step.  The destoners range in capacity from 1 up to 6 t/h or can be upgraded to an optional capacity as high as 30 metric tons an hour.

In addition, our cleaning equipment and destoners can be complemented with a magnetic separator or optional metal detection system for the removal of screws, nuts and other steel particles to guarantee a high degree of safety.

A complete process

After cleaning, the cocoa beans are fed through the unique, ‘continuous-batch weighing system’, which registers the amount of cocoa beans processed.  The Lehmann weighing systems will continuously monitor product flow and are an excellent tool to track yield, especially when combined with other in-line weighing systems for liquor, powder and butter.

Main benefits:

  • Efficient removal of foreign material
  • Capacity range from 1-6 t / h or optional as high as 35 t / h
  • Optional magnetic separator or metal detection
  • High efficiency and removal of foreign materials is guaranteedlehmann
  • Can be incorporated into a continuous production process