Efficient and Automatic

With this new concept, the old-fashioned horizontal cocoa butter filter cloth press has been replaced by our fully automatic cocoa butter filtration system. The new cocoa butter filtration system makes manual cleaning redundant and virtually eliminates manual labor.  The fully automatic cocoa butter filter consists of a pressure vessel with vertically suspended filter elements on the inside.

During the cocoa butter filtration process, unfiltered cocoa butter is pumped into the pressure vessel; while being pressed through the system the solid particles remain on the outside of the filter cloth. Compressed air is used to automatically clean the filter cloths.  The deposit (slurry) falls to the bottom of the vessel and is subsequently pumped back to the liquor tank.  After the automatic cleaning cycle the system is again ready for production.


  • clean closed system
  • operates automatically
  • virtually maintenance free
  • can be used stand alone or integrated


  • 500 – 3,000 Kilograms per hourduyvis wiener