Unique Breaking and Winnowing Technology


KOCOTEK offers the unique Lehmann cocoa bean breaking and winnowing technology from the Royal Duyvis Wiener group. Lehmann’s sophisticated winnowing systems use multiple breaking and sieving stages to gently crack the cocoa beans and leave the nib pieces as large as possible.  Capacities range from 1 up to 8 metric tons an hour.  The systems are designed to process cold, roasted or pre-treated beans.

The frequency controlled rotation speed of the breakers increases from one stage to the next, with broken beans sorted between each breaking stage. Because of the multi stage breaking and sieving technology each cocoa bean receives just enough energy necessary to break the shell resulting in excellent shell-in-nib and nib-in-shell figures.

All sizes of nib and shell run through vertical winnowing ducts where the PLC controlled airflow rates take the lightweight shell up, and the heavier nibs fall onto the transport system below.