Artisan Bean-to-Bar Processing

Kocotek offers a complete range of bean-to-bar processing equipment from JAF Inox, a member of the Royal Duyvis Wiener Group.  This machinery is designed for artisan and craft chocolate makers who want a range of process and capacity options.Jaf Inox

Cocoa Bean Cleaning and classification

Cleaning and classification is the first step in cocoa processing, and involves inspecting and sorting beans to remove impurities.  Removal of items such as sticks, pulp, bags, spoiled beans, and other debris ensures that your product is safe for consumption.

Consumer safety is a priority in any food production facility, which is why JAF Inox as designed its equipment with health and safety in mind.  All machine parts that handle product are constructed using AISI 304 stainless steel or food-grade plastic and are easy to clean.

JAF Inox cleaning and classification equipment helps you to select only the best beans for roasting.  JAF Inox offers a sorting table for manual classification, or mechanical and 3-stage classifiers for efficient sorting of larger volumes of beans.


  • Manual Classification Table
  • Mechanical Classifier
cleaning and classification


Roasting is all about finding the right balance between heat and time to release the full potential flavor palette of the cocoa beans.  JAF Inox roasters are designed to help create, refine, innovate and develop the ultimate chocolate flavor experience.

JAF Inox roasters provide the chocolate maker with full control of the roasting process.  PLC controls allow temperature/time profiles to be set for consistency or modified for flexibility.  Additionally, the efficient heat exchange of our roasters helps ensure a homogeneous treatment with low energy consumption, and gently loosens shells from their nibs.


  • 10kg Lab Roaster
  • Cylindrical Batch Roaster
  • Ball Roaster
  • Bean Cooler and Cyclone


The winnowing process removes shells, as well as flat, broken, or unevenly fermented beans from cocoa nibs. During this process, (roasted) cocoa beans are fed into an adjustable feeder and gently broken by a hammer mill with adaptable angle, intensity, and speed.

After breaking, the shells are separated from the cracked nibs.  Variable amplitude of 5 vibratory sieves thrash the cracked beans, whilst intensity controlled suction columns draw off the shell residue into a cyclone.

The JAF Inox Continuous Sieve Winnower is easy to operate and maintain. Variable conditions can be fully controlled from batch to batch, or set to repeat by the operator. If nib roasting is required, operators can winnow the beans prior to roasting.


  • 5 Deck Winnower
  • Sequential Sieve Winnower

Coarse Grinding

After winnowing, nibs are ground until friction and heat reduces them to a thick paste known as ‘cocoa mass’ or ‘cocoa liquor’. This can be achieved using a JAF Inox Batch Knife Mill or Continuous Knife Mill.

The process begins when nibs, along with other ingredients such as sugar and lecithin (oil or butter), are fed into the mill.  Blades then rotate and grind the mixture into a coarse, pumpable cocoa liquor, to be further refined using a 5-roll refiner.

JAF Inox pre-grinding equipment uses low energy consumption, and all parts in contact with product are manufactured from food-grade stainless steel.   Additionally, an automatic feeding system can be added to help simplify product transfer from batch knife mill to 5-roll refiner.


  • Batch Knife Mill
  • Continuous Knife Mill

5-Roll Refining

Further reduction of particle size is essential to generate the fine, smooth texture associated with high quality chocolate.  JAF Inox offers 5-roll refiner technology to ensure optimal particle size and ideal rheological properties of the chocolate.

JAF Inox 5-Roll Refiners use a chiller system to recirculate chilled water and keep the surface of each roll cool.  The rolls are made with hardened, polished steel, and the speed and distance of the rolls can be mechanically adjusted.  The high precision of each roll ensures a homogeneous particle size distribution of your cocoa mass, compound, chocolate, and creams.


  • 5-Roll Refiner


The conching process serves to homogenize chocolate and optimize flavor profile.  JAF Inox offers both single shaft and longitudinal conches, depending on customer preference.  Both machine options offer precise control over process time and temperature, and work effectively to enhance flavor, evaporate excess moisture and volatiles, and stabilize chocolate.

Single shaft conches from JAF Inox can be used to produce all types of chocolate, and offer agitation in two directions: clockwise for mixing, and counter-clockwise for conching with shear stress.  Both speed and rotation of the conche elements are frequency controlled, while water and temperatures are monitored using PT-100 sensors.

Longitudinal conches are often used in conventional production processes where slow flavor development is preferred.  This traditional technology, enhanced with modern temperature controls, provides excellent flavor development through the slow extraction of undesirable volatile acids.


  • 10kg Lab Conche
  • Single-Shaft Conche
  • Longitudinal Conche


Proper tempering is essential in producing quality chocolate. Well-tempered chocolate has a higher melting point and increased shelf-life, as well as characteristics such as good ‘snap’ and glossy shine.  JAF Inox offers several different options for tempering machinery, all designed to provide finished chocolate with these ideal characteristics.

The JAF Inox Tempering Wheel has the smallest footprint, and with a capacity of 3 kg it is well-suited as a ‘tabletop’ machine for lab and culinary use.  For larger volumes, JAF Inox offers a Compact Tempering Machine (8kg/batch) and Flex Tempering Machine (30 kg/batch).


  • Flex Tempering Machine
  • Compact Batch Tempering Machine
  • Tempering Wheel

Depositing and Molding

After tempering, liquid chocolate is ready to be deposited into molds and then cooled. JAF Inox Flex tempering machines can be supplied with a piston depositor that allows operators to easily and efficiently fill molds with set amounts of liquid chocolate. A vibratory table is also included to help evenly distribute chocolate within the mold.  After molding, operators can either feed the molds into a cooling tunnel, or store the filled molds in a cold room for crystallization.


  • Piston Depositor


Cooling is the final step in the bean-to-bar chocolate making process, and can be achieved efficiently with the help of a cooling tunnel.  JAF Inox offers cooling tunnels that are built to create an optimum environment for the final cooling and crystallization of chocolate.  JAF Inox cooling tunnels are constructed from stainless steel with a hygienic polyurethane belt. Temperature and humidity in the cooling tunnel are digitally controlled.


  • Cooling Tunnel