Even with chocolate technology being on its current level, conching is still responsible for the final and most important step in the production of high quality chocolate products. Various physical and chemical processes achieve the aim of each conching process. These aims include:

  • the refinement of taste by bringing out a specific flavor
  • the reduction of moisture content
  • achieving the optimum viscosity of the various recipe components to get the most homogeneous product possible


  • single or double shafted conche design
  • double walled container for an optimal tempering of the mass
  • special conching elements provide for an intensive drying, plastisizing and liquefying process
  • air-scoop with pneumatic slide valves for optimal ventilation
  • fully automatic process control with a color display
  • tempering system through plate heat exchanger


  • shorter conching times
  • energy efficient
  • close quality tolerances
  • meets GMP requirements
  • exact and consistent temperature guidance of the chocolate mass in the course of the tempering cycle


  • 2 – 18 metric tons per batch