Star-Temp Chocolate Tempering & Conditioning

MF-Hamburg tempering and conditioning machines feature optimum pre-crystallization properties and are designed to complement the “Star Coat” enrobing machines and other chocolate tempering or compound conditioning applications in the confectionery, bakery, snack foods, and nutrition industries.

Chocolate must solidify in the right crystal configuration to obtain high gloss, good snap, and heat resistance for long shelf life.  For this, it is necessary to seed the chocolate with the proper beta prime crystal configuration. This is accomplished by subjecting the chocolate to precisely controlled cooling and heating stages while applying high mixing and shearing action. Once stabilized, the chocolate can be used in subsequent processes such as enrobing, decorating and molding.

The StarTemp tempering machines are mounted on stainless steel frames with stainless steel cladding for sanitary operation and are designed for easy cleaning and fast changeover.  They can be set up as stand-alone units, or as integrated tempering machines inside our enrobers to save investment costs and space.  The inboard tempering systems are mounted on castors, so that they can be unplugged and wheeled to an external docking station, or to a wash-down area, allowing easy access to the enrober for cleaning and maintenance.

Our Star Temp family of chocolate tempering and compound conditioning equipment is available for capacities from 100 to 3,000 kg/hr to match the capacities of our Star Coat Enrobers.