Star-Cool Versatile Cooling Tunnels

Ideally suited for enrobing, post-baking, pre-cooling, general cooling and drying applications in the confectionery, bakery foods, snack foods, and nutrition bar industries. Many applications require cooling tunnels in one or more stages of the production process. While all these applications have some type of cooling and/or drying in common, they are unique in terms of process parameters, temperatures, ambient conditions, and capacity.

MF-HAMBURG offers a complete range of cooling functionality, from radiant to convection, to impingement and contact cooling. All our cooling tunnels are constructed with a water chilled belt slider bed for efficient, controlled, and uniform bottom cooling. Particular attention has been given to guarantee even air distribution to ensure uniform product cooling across the belt.

MF-HAMBURG’s modular approach also provides for easy reconfiguration to increase capacity or adapt the system to a completely different cooling application in the future. Tunnels are designed to meet the strictest requirements for cleaning, sanitizing, and allergen changeover.  All our tunnels are fabricated in stainless steel and have easily removable covers and easy-to-open hinged hoods (with special seals) to allow cleaning and inspection of all internal surfaces, cooling coils, etc.

MF-HAMBURG offers special air filtration for unique allergen applications and improved shelf-life, and integrated air-drying systems for special product applications. In addition to our traditional cooling tunnel designs, we also offer high-velocity multi-jet impingement tunnels for higher capacity cooling applications and/or space savings.