WIESE Sanitary Pendulum Bucket Conveyor

The frame work on the sanitary bucket conveyor is made from tubular profiles, leaving no dead spots or horizontal surfaces. This feature is of high importance in the food and pharmaceutical industries where high levels of hygiene are the norm. In a sanitary bucket conveyor design, the covers are made from Makrolon or stainless steel sheets. Both options have completely removable covers with casement fasteners, making a quick dismantle possible.

In a sanitary pendulum bucket conveyor design, CIP nozzle manifolds can be installed to clean the pendulum buckets and rubber chain without removing them from the bucket conveyor. The pendulum bucket gets turned 180 degrees so the nozzles can spray all surfaces. Cleaning your pendulum bucket has never been so easy and with minimal to absolutely no downtime.

WIESE Detectable Conveyor Buckets

The detectable conveyor buckets are made from food approved magnetic detectable polypropylene. Most detectable pendulum bucket conveyors are delivered to the food, confectionery and cosmetic industries, all of which call for exceptional hygiene and perfect product safety. With the WIESE magnetic detectable polypropylene conveyor buckets, chips smaller than 3/16 inches can easily be detected by a magnetic separator, which ensures that no contaminated product reaches store shelves.