M.C. Automations specializes in the manufacturing of wrapping machines for chocolate and chocolate coated products such as wafers, biscuits, nougats;

complete series of automatic feeding systems to be linked with the production line and horizontal aligners suitable for manual loading.

Chocolate Packaging Machines – The range of machines that M.C. Automations produces is able to handle a considerable number of different chocolate products in most wrapping styles, including single and double end twist, fancy, bunch, envelope, portfolio and the recently introduced “giftwrap”.

Some of the most significant products that M.C. Automations handles are:

  • Solid or filled chocolates, symmetrical or asymetrical, moulded or enrobed
  • Nougats, biscuits, napolitains
  • Bars and tablets
  • Spherical and oval product, hollow and filled
  • Chocolate enrobed fruits

The types of wrapping materials also vary considerably, depending on the end use and the customer’s specific requirements, but mainly consist of:

  • Plain, smooth or embossed aluminium
  • Cellophane, PVC, polypropylene, plain or laminated
  • Paper, waxed or uncoated

Of the accessories available, those that are often in demand include:

  • Print centering device
  • Additional reel holder, with or without automatic splicing
  • Heatsealing device
  • Coding unit
  • Labelling unit

All the machines are compact and “user friendly” based on cantilever construction, reducing maintenance to an absolute minimum. Due to the design of the machines, the change-over time from one size to another is fast (from 20 to 60 minutes) This is possible as all size parts are easily exchangeable without requiring subsequent adjustments.

M.C. Automations is able to offer you:

  • The very latest technology in machine design and range of equipment able to handle a large variety of different products, shapes and sizes in the most economical way
  • A great deal of technical knowledge in the wrapping of chocolate products, based on many years of experience