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The leading supplier of cocoa, chocolate and confectionery processing machinery.

We work at the forefront of innovation and technology to take chocolate, nut and confectionery based products from an idea all the way to the end consumer.


I have a few suppliers that make it easy to do business with.

– Joe, Blommer Chocolate

Thank you so much I would have gotten anything if it was not for you, you are the bomb in my book.

– Loretta, Golden Peanut

Koco/Duyvis is a very valuable supplier.

– Lorraine, Nestle

Food safety and high quality standards are top priorities for Blue Diamond Growers. As a leader in almond innovation, we use Log5 state of the art technology for all of our pasteurization needs. Log5 achieves a minimum 4 log Salmonella reduction without compromising almond texture and skin quality. Log5’s advanced technology is effective environmentally friendly, eliminates the need for chemical treatment, and better preserves the quality of each Blue Diamond almond kernel, delivering a superior ingredient to our global brand and food service partners.


– Bill Morecraft, SVP Global Ingredients

“We spent about two-and-a-half years researching equipment and found only one manufacturer that would give 5-log reduction or more without drastically changing the sunflower itself,” Dick says. “Log5 gave us log reduction and its equipment holds the characteristics of the sunflower. We tested the equipment, ordered it and installed it in our Fargo, N.D. facility.”

– Wes Dick, CHS Sunflower

Sacramento Valley Walnut Growers prides itself on being at the forefront of food safety, product quality and technical expertise to serve customers in the retail, manufacturing and food service sectors. After years of testing, Log5’s pasteurization system is best suited to walnuts. It achieves the desired kill step while preserving the delicate nature of walnuts by maintaining appearance, taste and texture. The Log5 continuous process technology enhances our high quality product offerings by allowing treatment of all product sizes with an all-natural treatment method.


– Keith Wehri, Sacramento Valley Walnut growers


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IBIE Booth #7581, September 8-11, 2019 at Las Vegas Convention Center

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