The Experience

Wiener & Co Apparatenbouw b.v., founded in 1899, is one of the world’s major manufacturers of production lines for the cocoa processing, chocolate and compound producing industry. The early 1960s saw the development of the company’s present speciality; up until then much experience had been gained in many areas of manufacturing. Since then Wiener has been supplying a wide range of customers, from the multinationals down to the smallest of local producers.

These decades of experience mean that Wiener knows exactly what the differences are between the countries of origin, the harvest specifications and the production process. Wiener’s offices are close to Amsterdam, the largest cocoa transhipment port in the world and close to major players in the world market. That is why Wiener can react quickly and anticipate developments in the market as no other. More than 40% of the world cocoa production and about 30% of the compound and cream production is processed by Wiener machines.

The Know-How

The highest capacity with the minimum of investment. In the case of cocoa processing, this means a superior quality of the liquor and an iron concentration which, expressed in ppms, is well below world norms. All Wiener production lines demonstrate optimal quality and output. Turnkey delivery, from ingredient feed systems through ball mills to moulding and enrobing lines, Wiener also uses its knowledge of raw materials, recipes, production methods and end products, of mechanics, electronics and automation for continuous customer-orientated innovation. For example, the Wiener production lines are PC/PLC-controlled, and Wiener has also developed the ‘inline particle size distribution analysis’, a technology which measures, registers and gives on-line information on the particle size distribution of the products during its production. Together with the Technical University of Delft, Wiener is developing, testing and applying new technologies all the time. Wiener has ISO 9001-2000 certification and builds its machines according to the most stringent HACCP guidelines.

The Drive

Besides experience and know-how, Wiener adds another vital component to its business practices: drive. Those at Wiener do their utmost to promote a close working relationship. The customer approach is direct and flexible, problem-solving and aimed at providing appropriate answers quickly to customer and prospects wishes. Wiener is dedicated to supplying tailor-made solutions for each customer in more than 60 countries, and its commitment to the customer is great. It often happens that work continues into the small hours in the Wiener laboratory to find the ideal product composition and production method. Wiener’s ambition is to continue to develop and innovate, not only as a response to market wishes, but also in a pro-active way. It strives towards constant improvement of both the physical product and the service which accompanies it.

The Test

Wiener is prepared to go far to give customers real peace of mind regarding the functioning of their new, modified or extended production lines. Test machines are available. The equipment ordered is assembled at Wiener and rigorously tested many times, often in the presence of the customer. Wiener’s own commissioning engineers take care of the installation at the customer and carry out production tests with him. Even afterwards, the customer can continue to rely on Wiener’s aftersales service on site and in Velsen-Noord.