DT&G produces a range of Finn Coaters for covering confectionery centers such as peanuts, raisins, etc. with chocolate or chocolate like masses. Modern belt panning machines are fast and clean without the need for skilled operators, Finn Coaters are well proven in production, and are working throughout the world.


  • These machines have successfully handled all types of chocolate, yogurt, carob, etc.
  • Over forty years experience goes into the design and production of each machine


  • Junior Coater – 2.75 cubic feet (.077 cubic meters)
  • Standard Coater – 7.82 cubic feet (.221 cubic meters)
  • Enhanced Coater – 10.89 cubic feet (.308 cubic meters)
  • Maxi Coater – 16.9 cubic feet (.478 cubic meters)
  • Jumbo Coater – 25 cubic feet (.708 cubic meters)

Chocolate Panning